BeforeBreast Lift Picture
AfterBreast Lift Picture
BeforeBreast Lift Picture
AfterBreast Lift Picture


  • Displayed Notes This patient is 58 years old. The patient's height is 5'5". Prior to the procedure, the patient wore a 36 C bra size. Her breast consistency was mixed. Following the procedure, the patient now wears a 36 C bra size. The technique used during this procedure was Inferior Pedicle Technique - Anchor Incision. This patient also required reduction of the breasts by 200cc (Right) and 190cc (Left). After photos for this patient were taken 2 months postoperatively.
  • Age 58
  • Height Feet 5
  • Height Inches 5
  • Weight 140
  • Preoperative Cup Size 36 C
  • Postoperative Cup Size 36 C
  • Breast Consistency mixed
  • Amount Resected Left (ccs) 190
  • Amount Resected Right (ccs) 200
  • Implant Type Does Not Appy
  • Technique Used Inferior Pedicle Technique - Anchor Incision
  • Months between operation and 'after' photos 2

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