BeforeArm Lift Picture
AfterArm Lift Picture
BeforeArm Lift Picture
AfterArm Lift Picture


  • Displayed Notes This patient is 42 years old. The patient's height is 5'5". The technique used during this procedure was Vertical Excision. The pre-bariatric surgery weight was 238lbs. The post-bariatric surgery weight was 138lbs. The amount of weight loss was 100lbs. The patient kept the weight off for at least 1 YEAR. After photos for this patient were taken 3 MONTHS months postoperatively.
  • Age 42
  • Height Feet 5
  • Height Inches 5
  • Weight Lost 100
  • Length of time kept weight off 1 YEAR
  • Pre Bariatric Weight 238
  • Post Bariatric Weight 138
  • Additional Areas Treated BREAST LIFT & SALINE AUGMENTATION
  • Technique Used Vertical Excision
  • Specimen Weight NOT NOTED
  • Months between operation and 'after' photos 3 MONTHS

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