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ASPS CustomConnect - Patient Acquisition eBooklet

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Product Description

ASPS CustomConnect Patient Acquisition eBooklet is a lead generation tool you can use to support your practice through email marketing. CustomConnect is a professionally designed and customizable color practice brochure that prospects can download from your website. When a prospect makes a request for your brochure, their email address is captured and sent to you for use in your email marketing campaigns.

Here's how it works:


  • A Download Brochure link is provided to you to add to your website page.
  • When a prospect clicks this link they will be asked to fill out a form to include contact information and which cosmetic procedures they are interested in.
  • An email is immediately sent to the prospect which includes a downloadable PDF of your customized practice brochure.
  • The prospects information and email address is immediately sent to your office to confirm the download was requested.
  • Add this prospect email address to your database to use in all your marketing efforts.

It's that fast and easy! Get a jump on the competition and connect with prospects in a more personalized way.

Create your own email marketing strategies to send personalized email messages:

  • Answer questions about procedures
  • Say thank you – for the inquiry, referral, interest in viewing your practice
  • Influence decision making
  • Make an announcement – share news about you and your practice
  • Deliver supporting and trending topics
  • Send incentives for referrals
  • Offer sales or discounts

Design features of CustomConnect:

  • Choose a design option based on two template models, traditional or contemporary
  • Unique practice information is placed prominently on the inside front cover
  • Your custom eBooklet will Include only cosmetic procedures you perform
  • Brochure pages include procedural drawings, risks and results, and the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon

Choose a design style:

Traditional Layout


Modern Layout


What you need to provide for your customized brochure:

  • Up to two photos of your choice
  • Your Practice logo
  • Your Practice philosophy
  • Your office information – up to five separate locations
  • The cosmetic procedures* you want to include in your eBooklet

*When you choose the procedures you want included in your brochure, the prospect will see detailed illustrations and educational information describing the procedure.

Refreshing Your Content

You can refresh your content and images as many times as you would like, however each refresh costs $150. In order to maintain an up-to-date eBooklet, you must refresh your content at least once every 3 years from the date of most the recent refresh.

CustomConnect Supports Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

Thousands of consumers have downloaded this booklet through the ASPS "Lives We Touch" campaign, which featured nationally televised commercials educating the public on the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Product Code: 201501