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CPT Corner: Understanding the Importance of the RUC Survey

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CPT Corner Article from Plastic Surgery News March 2019

The acronym RUC should be familiar to every ASPS member and every practicing physician. Each call that goes out to complete a RUC survey instrument is an opportunity for physicians to impact the practice of medicine on a national basis.

To those unfamiliar with this term, RUC stands for Relative Value Update Committee. The RUC is a unique, multispecialty committee that’s overseen by the AMA. The committee’s task is to collect and validate data that describes the resources, or relative value units (RVUs), required to provide medical services. The decisions are then referred to the CMS and employed during final considerations of RVUs used under the Medicare payment system. The agency typically accepts 90 percent of the recommendations made by the RUC, making the committee the de facto experts for establishing relative values for every CPT code.

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