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Breast Lift - Photo Set

BeforeBreast Lift Picture
AfterBreast Lift Picture
BeforeBreast Lift Picture
AfterBreast Lift Picture

Case Details

  • Displayed Notes

    This is a 27 year old female who underwent augmentation/mastopexy by a different physician out of state.  She had a symptomatic capsular contracture on the left side as well as an unpleasant shape.


    The patient underwent revision mastopexy with implant exchange using gel implants.

  • Age 27
  • Height Feet 5
  • Height Inches 4
  • Weight 125
  • Breast Consistency Mixed
  • Implant Type Silcone
  • Technique Used Superior Pedicle Technique - Anchor Incision
  • Months between operation and 'after' photos 1

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