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Tummy Tuck - Photo Set

BeforeTummy Tuck Picture
AfterTummy Tuck Picture
BeforeTummy Tuck Picture
AfterTummy Tuck Picture

Case Details

  • Displayed Notes This patient is 44 years old. The patient's height is 5ft 4in. Before the procedure, the patient weighed 130lbs. A Anterior Iliac Crest incision was created by the procedure. An umbilical translocation was performed. Abdominal wall plications were created below umbilicus and above umbilicus . A concomitant hernia repair was performed for an Umbilical hernia. After photos for this patient were taken 1 1/2 years postoperatively.
  • Age 44
  • Height Feet 5
  • Height Inches 4
  • Preoperative Weight 130
  • Number of Prior Pregnancies 4
  • Length of incision Anterior Iliac Crest
  • Umbilical Translocation Yes
  • Abdominal Wall Plication above umbilicus
  • Concomitant hernia repair Umbilical
  • Years between operation and 'after' photos 1 1/2

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