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Breast Reconstruction - Photo Set

BeforeBreast Reconstruction Picture
AfterBreast Reconstruction Picture
BeforeBreast Reconstruction Picture
AfterBreast Reconstruction Picture

Case Details

  • Displayed Notes This patient is 54 years old and she weighs 105lbs. She is 5'4". The site of the cancer was the left breast. The type of cancer was invasive. Chemotherapy was performed in conjunction with the reconstruction. The nodal status was 0 of 1. The tumor was stage IIIA. The breast was reconstructed immediately after mastectomy. The autogeneous tissue used was latisimus dorsi with expander. An implant with an expander was used:

    Type of expander:Inamed
    Initial volume:0 cc's
    Final volume:180 cc's
    Timing to placement of permanent implant: 4 months
    Type of implant:Inamed Saline 363LF
    Size:260 cc's

    The nipple/areola was reconstructed using the C-V inferiorly based flap technique. The nipple/areola was reconstructed 9 months after breast creation. These photos were taken 1 year, 5 months postoperatively.
  • Timing of placement of permanent implant 4
  • Type of Cancer Invasive
  • Type of Cancer 0
  • Type of Cancer 1
  • Timing after initial breast creation Delayed
  • Timing after initial breast creation 9
  • Age 54
  • Height 5
  • Height 4
  • Weight 105
  • Site of Cancer Left Breast
  • Tumor Stage IIIA
  • Adjuvant therapy Chemotherapy
  • Reconstructive Timing Immediate
  • Technique Used A C-V inferiorly based flap
  • Initial volume (ccs) 0
  • Technique Used B Expander with Implant
  • Type of expander Inamed
  • Final volume (ccs) 180
  • Type of implant Inamed Saline 363LF
  • Size (ccs) 260
  • Autogenous Tissue LatisimusDorsiWithExpander
  • Years between operation and 'after' photos 1
  • Months between operation and 'after' photos 5

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