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2 years ago

Concerned teen needing advice

I am 16yrs old and is thinking about getting FTM top surgery, I am not transgender I still very much Identify as female, but I wear a binder and want my breasts completely removed, I know I'm a little young for this kind of surgery and is not planning to do it right now but when I'm 19, still I despise my breasts and I don't know if my insecurities are valid or am I being ridiculous about this?

Procedure: Gender Confirmation Surgery
Location: West Hartford, CT

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Barry Citron
ASPS Surgeon

You are not being ridiculous. Insecurities are real because your feelings are real. Your maturity and intelligence is evident in your well written question.

It is wise to discuss your feelings as it is good to better understand your motivation before proceeding with surgery to change your body. The way that you feel today may intensify or change over the next year or two. Exploring your feelings and motivation through conversation will help you decide for yourself. Is it the mere presence of your female breast that you despise, or is it something that is wrong with the shape of your breasts that could be corrected with surgery? Perhaps a mental health professional with expertise and compassion in this area might be available in your community. It is a sign of your strength that you have chosen to seek advice. Finally if you feel sad, depressed or hopeless in any way, please find help ASAP (1 800 273-TALK) . Best wishes. Stay strong!

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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Almost every teen has appearance/body concerns. Sometimes those concerns dissipate with time, sometimes not. Removing your breasts is a major surgery, and should performed only after long and hard thought. Have you discussed this with your parents? Certainly having them help you with this decision would be wise. Although you say you are not a transgender, you might find people willing to help you in this decision-making process at a gender health center. They care for trans- and gender-fluid people who have concerns with body image. A plastic surgeon would want you to meet with an experienced mental health professional to discuss your concerns and objectives. Gender health centers would be able to refer you to an appropriate counselor.

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