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4 years ago

Belly Button

I had 3 surgerys this year , the first was tummy tuck and some liposuction and they also fix my belly button , I had some complication with a Sedona , they did another procedure after on my belly button to fix it . The healing left a really bad scar , so the plastic surgeon just did it again 2 weeks ago, but I’m having the same problem I’m having hard time healing , keeps bleeding.

Procedure: Wound Care
Location: san Diego, CA

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Dennis Hurwitz
ASPS Surgeon
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I suggest that you stay with you surgeon and follow the care instructions. You may even loose the remaining part of you belly button, which then maybe reconstructed.

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Nelson Castillo

Without knowing the full details of what is taking place I recommend speaking to your surgeon about your concerns. They are there to not only help with the surgical aspect, but also through the healing phase to ensure any issues are addressed.

Jon Sattler


There are many reasons for a problems like yours. It is one of those things that would best be answered by an office visit. I offer free consultations in Glendora, California.

Jon Sattler.MD

Katerina Gallus
ASPS Surgeon
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Hi Melizza,

I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with recovery after surgery. I recommend you continue to work with your surgeon as they are the most familiar with your case. You can also seek a second opinion with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. Without examining you, and reviewing medical records of what was performed prior; it is impossible to determine what the exact problem is and what needs to be done if anything to correct it.

Since your last procedure was only done two weeks ago, it is too early to determine what the final results of your latest procedure Will be. I would suggest continuing to follow up with your plastic surgeon and follow all of their instructions very carefully. Also, it is very important to keep the line of communication open with your plastic surgeon and let your surgeon know of any trouble your having and if anything doesn't look were seem right.

Best of luck!


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