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4 years ago

Should I be worried about risks associated with rhinoplasty?

I want a hump on my nose removed and scheduled consultations with 2 board-certified surgeons near me. I have heard stories about people dying from rhinoplasty & anesthesia although its rare. I'm 21, do not smoke or drink & have a normal BMI. Both my parents are drs and support me. Should I be concerned about anesthesia if the only surgery I had was 8 years ago through IV anesthesia?

Procedure: Rhinoplasty
Location: Hastings on Hudson, NY

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Alan Matarasso
ASPS Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty is considered to be a safe procedure. Factors to consider in addition to your overall health are the facility-operating room that it is being performed in and the anesthesia/anesthesiologist that is being used.

Select a board certified plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons who has an expertise in rhinoplasty surgery.

Dennis Hurwitz
ASPS Surgeon
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If you place your care n the hands of board certified plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist and treated in a certified facility, you will in all likelihood be safe.

Joseph Kelamis
ASPS Surgeon

Make sure the surgery will be performed in an accredited hospital/OR. Second, make sure an intubation tube is used, not "sedation" or "LMA". An actual intubation tube, or breathing tube that goes into the throat, is needed for rhinoplasty procedures as it protects your airway much better.

You seem to have given this much thought and consideration. You have certainly done your own research and found capable surgeons. I would not let the safety dissuade you from undergoing the procedure. The stories you have heard certainly merit caution. However, I have reviewed cases where cosmetic surgeries were being performed and patients died. Without exception, these are cases where the surgeon was not properly trained and/or took egregious short cuts, such as administering general anesthesia outside the OR with no anesthesiologist present. On review, there were numerous warning signs obvious to all. So, trust your decision to have the surgery. You will do very well. Best of luck!

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. A rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure for someone in your overall health. I would not be as concerned if neither your surgeon, nor your anesthesiologist, had any issues to have you follow up on.


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