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4 years ago

Plastic surgeon in training

I have insurance but not financial anmvle to pay for a tummy tuck and breast lift. How do i find a pro bono or surgeon in training help me loose this 15 year old baby fat?

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: Marion, AR

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Suzanne Trott
ASPS Surgeon

I would recommend going to a University Hospital where they will have a plastic surgery training program and they will have a "resident's" clinic where the fees are discounted but you are still getting quality care. For instance, UCLA or USC are two University Hospitals where they will have resident clinics. I think you are in Arizona, correct? I'm not sure what is near you but if you google: University hospital plastic surgery training programs you should be able to find something.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. I would look into local plastic surgery training programs who may have resident clinics that can offer discounted pricing. Hope this helps.

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you very much for this excellent question! Your best bet is to find a plastic surgery residency program at an academic institution that has a resident cosmetic clinic. Your surgery will be done by a chief resident in their final year of training under the guidance of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

I would highly recommend against going abroad as one cannot guarantee safety standards. I have personally taken care of several patients who have gone abroad to either Mexico or the Dominican Republic and have returned with horrible mycobacteria infections that have required return trips to the operating room as well as several months of antibiotics. I would also highly recommend against advertisements that offer cosmetic surgery at a deep discounted price as you get what you pay for. By having your surgery performed through a resident cosmetic surgery clinic, You will get cost savings while not compromising your safety.

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