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4 years ago

Is removal of 20 year old textured implants required?

I recently received an invite for a free consultation, to discuss connections between textured implants and cancer.

Teardrop implants under muscle 20yrs ago, AA cup to a large C cup. I was very thin. Am now 30lbs heavier so natural breasts are larger. She suggested explant as skin is good and have enough tissue. Do I have to soon? Am worried of results as heard could be flat and deformed.

Procedure: Breast Implant Removal
Location: Bristol, AB - United Kingdom

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. It would be prudent to check in with a plastic surgeon to ensure all is well with your implants and you are not having any physical issues. Upon the appointment the surgeon can make further recommendations based on what your tissues demonstrate. Hope this helps.

Samir Shureih

That is very thoughtful of your surgeon to be concerned to contact you and offer a consultation.

Though the implants are old, Exchange of implants depends on the clinical findings after a thorough history and physical examination and findings of the mammogram and sonogram.

Then a discussion of ALCL with your surgeon. Then you and your surgeon can make an informed medical decision

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank your for your excellent question! Before deciding to remove textured implants a visit to to a board certified plastic surgeon should be the first step. If you are not having any symptoms, and wish to remove your implants, that is a personal decision and the proper procedures that are correct. for you should be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

If you remove implants and do not replace them with anything, yes you will definitely be flatter than you are now. A visit to a plastic surgeon should help you determine if you would require a mastopexy ( breast lift at the same time.) In my practice, like many of my colleagues, I have patients with diverse desires. Some women choose to remove implants and replace them with another set of implants at the same time, and I have also had patients who have decided to not to replace implants and opted to have a mastopexy at the same time as well as other patients who have decided not to have any surgery except remove the implants.

Katerina Gallus
ASPS Surgeon
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Sarah, Thank you for your excellent question. It is good that you went to the consultation and received the information from your surgeon. It is ultimately your decision whether to have the implants removed and as you noted, there are some things to consider, the appearance of your breasts after removal is one of them. I recommend that you seek a complete exam that includes a mammogram and/or Ultrasound for you to make the most informed decision. If your implants have no clinical issues then you can decide the appropriate timeline for removal, if at all.

Best of luck!


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