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4 years ago

breast lift and reduction

Is a breast lift the same as a breast reduction just without making the size smaller? Is the shape being changed the same way in both?

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: seattle, WA

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Brian Brzowski
ASPS Surgeon kinda have it right. It mostly depends on the precise technique that the surgeon uses for either her or his breast lift or a reduction. There is quite a bit of overlap in these techniques, but here's how I'd suggest you look at these: (1) Both procedures have the opportunity to reduce the diameter of the areola (2) Both procedures remove skin and provide tightening of the breasts (3) Both procedures can elevate the position of the areola higher on the breast mound (4) A breast reduction procedure is generally going to reduce the weight/size of the breast more than a breast lift, but you will normally experience a perceived reduction in the size of your breast after a breast lift as well (5) A breast reduction affords a plastic surgeon more leeway to reshape the breast, but a mastopexy does that to some extent as well. Hope this helps.

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Richard Greco
ASPS Surgeon
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There are multiple types of mastopexy techniques and same with Reductions. But the concept is to lift a breast ( mastopexy) or lift and reduce (Reduction)

Daniel Allan

A breast lift or mastopexy reduces the skin envelope without removing a significant amount of breast tissue. It reshapes the breast, while leaving it approximately the same size. A breast reduction reduces the volume of the breast as well as reducing the skin envelope. A breast lift is usually considered cosmetic and thus not covered by insurance, while a breast reduction may be covered by insurance due to musculo-skeletal discomfort due to the large breasts, depending on your insurance company's criteria.


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