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4 years ago

One nipple has flattened & got bigger after over the muscle silicone breast aug

3 months ago I had a periareolar breast aug w 450cc & 400cc implants. I had tubular breasts before. Almost 3 months later (happened a week ago) my left nipple was bigger and flatter than the other one. Idk if that was supposed to happen & the nipple is just falling in place or if it wasn’t supposed to happen. I wish I could upload a picture but I don’t see where I can. Let me know something!

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: Birmingham, AL

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Sara Dickie
ASPS Surgeon
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Without pictures it is hard to determine what happened. If your surgeon used a circumareolar gortex suture to tighten the nipple/areola complex this suture might have broken or the knot loosened. If this happens the areola dilates due to the pressure of the implant. The suture would need to be replaced and another small peri-areolar mastopexy preformed. In my practice I wait about 4-6 months or longer to do this revision. Contact your surgeon for a post-operative exam and get his or her opinion since he/she knows what exact technique was used.

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello. When implant is placed over the muscle or under the gland, the pressure of the implant is more direct to the Nipple-Areaolar Complex (CAP), and this is prone to happen. With a picture I can explain you more.

If you are happy with the results concerning shape and volume, just with local anesthesia and a simple procedure the CAP problem should be easily corrected.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Without full details of your procedure it is difficult to offer advice on the degree and reason for areolar spread. It is not uncommon to have the areola stretch due to the pressure from the implants, but if some attempt to reduce their size was made, then it may have failed.


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