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4 years ago

Ear reconstruction improvement ?

My ear was bitten and i had a surgery and going for one to deattach the stitches and add another graft behind the ear my doctor told me after 6 months i can have another surgery in which a cartilage will be taken from another part of my body , is there anything else can be done or i have to live with it ?

Procedure: Ear Surgery
Location: ny, NY

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Samir Shureih

Your pictures show early healing.

Be patient and allow the body to heal, then evaluation is made and best advise can be given by your plastic surgeon

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Sara Dickie
ASPS Surgeon
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It is hard to tell from the angle of your photo, but probably the top part of your ear is stuck close against your head. This may appear normal if the right ear is also positioned similarly. If, however, the right ear is sticking out from your head at some distance, when people look at you from the front it will look like your left ear is too close to your head or that it is not there at all. It is up to you if this matters. If it does, the only way to make the ear stand out from the head is to add skin between your ear and your head and put a little cartilage to help hold the ear away from the head. It's a safe surgery and not usually very long. The surgeon will take the cartilage from your chest and the scar is very small. Usually not a big problem. Good luck!

The current look of your repair is very good!

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