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4 years ago

Best option

I’m 52 and a Flight Attendant I hate the lines now on my lips. I wear lipstick all the time and I’ve tried everything and my lipstick bleeds into my lines. I’ve done fillers with No success. I’ve been researching fat injection into my lips or implants. I do not want my lips any bigger I just hate all the lines. I workout and take care of myself I don’t smoke and I drink occasionally. Which one???

Procedure: Lip Augmentation/Enhancement
Location: Blanchard, OK

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Horst Koch
ASPS Int. Surgeon


I see two options in your particular situation:

You could either try a peeling or microneedling.

Both techniques are very well suited to treat lines on the lips.

All the best

Horst Koch, MD

Graz, Austria

Larry Weinstein
ASPS Surgeon

Lip lines are amenable to softening by multiple synergistic methods. One simple technique is Botox treatment to the muscle fibers that create the lines. A filler in the right hands such as Volbella can eradicate a visible line at rest. It lasts 3 -15 months. A peel or proper laser treatment can help smooth the skin. Deep lines can be treated with dermabrassion Fat injections can be used to fill the lips 👄 but can increase in size if you gain weight or decrease in size if you lose weight. My office is 30 minutes from Newark airport. Good luck.

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Usually the best option is some sort of filler. Sometimes laser or dermabrasion may help with the lines as well.

Samir Shureih

Vertical lip line are best treated with carbon dioxide laser resurfacing.

fillers and fat can improve the lines when injected into the line and white roll line of the lip

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Vertical lip lines are difficult to treat and require a number of different modalities. I would try very low doses of Botox to help weaken the muscle forming the wrinkles, fillers to help add volume which has been lost with time, peels/microneedling/skin care to improve skin quality. Hope this helps.

Curtis Wong
ASPS Surgeon

When concerned about lipstick bleed, the most reliable methods for smoothing the skin (at risks for hypopigmentation) are laser and phenol peels. You can do the microneedling but that takes many sessions to even get close to what laser and peels can accomplish. Dermabrasion can also help with more shallow wrinkles but its bloody and not everyone offers it anymore. Invest in a consultation where you want to plan your procedure and make sure you are offered the whole menu so that you can choose what is best for you.


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