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one year ago

Treatment for vaginal rejuvenation

m a 27 unmarried bt sexually actv. Hv had 2 rltnshp including current. Wth my current partner,v r in a long distance reltnshp so v meet vry rarely it's bn 1yr n v met 5 times fr max 2 days on a gap of 3-4 mnths n had it. My ex hd vry big a v we xtremely actv,so nw i feel vry loose n unconfident,maybe he feels dissatisfied bt he doesn't say, vaginal rejuvenation is best? Or is der any other option?

Procedure: Vaginal Rejuvenation
Location: Gurgaon, HR - India

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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You are absolutely normal. Your boyfriend is not complaining, so why are you worried? Women might notice some loosening of the vaginal tissues after childbirth, but this rarely necessitates surgery, as sexual satisfaction remains high for both the man and the woman. Exercising your pelvic muscles can help you feel more toned.

Curtis Wong
ASPS Surgeon

Vaginas can accommodate all sizes of penis's so if you're now feeling 'loose', you can exercise your pelvic muscles to improve the muscle tone so that you can provide a better feel for yourself. As for you boyfriend, if he isn't complaining (and only an idiot would in this scenario), why worry?


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