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one year ago

Uneven areolas after breast lift

Hello, I had a breast lift and augmentation 9 months ago. I am overall satisfied with the outcome, but my areolas bother me a lot. The areolas were reduced in size during the surgery. The left one turned out good, the right one not. The right nipple is not positioned centrally within the areola and the right areola is smaller than the left one. Was this a mistake by the surgeon? Thank you.

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Cochem, RP - Germany

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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When a plastic surgeon performs a breast lift (or breast reduction) the areolar diameter if often reduced. A "cookie cutter", a round device that draws a perfect circle is used to create the new areolar diameter, with the nipple in the center. This circle is ultimately sutured to the breast skin in a new, higher position. Then the patient heals....and sometimes the healing forces of the skin and breast tissue alter the size or shape of the nipple/areola. Since this asymmetry is bothersome to you, I would return to your plastic surgeon to see if a small revision could be performed. He or she would likely need to reduce the left areola to match the smaller right, and might want to re-center the right nipple to be more centralized, which could reduce the right diameter further. Alternatively, you could have the right areolar tattooed to a larger diameter, matching the left, with the nipple centered. Good luck!

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Edward Domanskis

This can occur especially with a Benelli type of breast lift. It can be corrected though.

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