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4 years ago

Breast lift for a 32b breast

Can a get a breast lift on breast 32b size. I'm also considering a augmentation with fat I just want 1/4-1/2 cup size fuller. I breast feed 2 girls. Im not fat y preaary much when back to my normal weight. I don't want implants. If I can't use fat. What Size will my breast be after the surgery?

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Canoga park, CA

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Aaron Stone
ASPS Surgeon

Breast size overlaps with breast drooping but you can have smaller breasts with drooping usually due to enlargement with pregnancy and deflation following delivery. It's usually treated surgically by removal of skin in a pattern dependent on the amount of lifting required. Whether a lift should be performed or not & what type of technique is used (around the areola/nipple vs an inverted-T incision) is dependent on the degree of drooping (assessed by breast measurements) not breast size. In cases of deflation no amount of lifting within reason will fill the upper deflated portion. This usually requires implants to get adequate re-inflation. In specific cases fat grafting will suffice but 3 or more sessions may be required to achieve the desired goal. Lifting and reinflating the upper half of the breasts may improve appearance without changing bra size. Trying to only increase breast/bra size with fat grafting can be problematic especially if attempted in one surgical session.

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Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Yes if your breasts are sagging, you certainly can get a lift.

J. Gerald Minniti
ASPS Surgeon

You can use fat to make a fuller breast as long as you have sufficient donor sites, like the belly, waist, or thighs. No one can guarantee a bra cup size, but it probably won't be too different from your current one. Keep in mind that fat and implants augment the breast breast very differently, with implants leading to much more projection than fat grafts. However, a breast lift will give you more projection.

Jon Sattler

Ms Raquel86,

Your situation is very common. Fat transfer to your breasts will depend on the amount of loose skin you ,have, the amount of fat that can be harvested. The only way to know for sure what can be accomplished, You should get a free surgical consult. We will be happy to see you. Call Judy at Woodglen Aesthetics 626-852-0599.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Unfortunately there is no reliable way to predict your bra cup size afterwards but for most patients a fat transfer and a lift are possible options to increase fullness and to elevate the nipple and areola into a more youthful position.

Curtis Wong
ASPS Surgeon

A lift can always be done if your breasts sag more than you desire. A lift does make you a little 'smaller' in cup size so if you want just a little boost in size, fat grafting would be ideal to help you achieve that. There are risks with fat grafting but none serious and you must have ample fat to harvest elsewhere in order to have fat grafting. Finally, any weight fluctuations will also impact your grafted fat. As for your final size, it is impossible to predict that and addition fat grafting sessions may be needed.

Edward Domanskis

There are different types of uplifts and this could be done in conjunction with a fat transfer to your breasts from fat removed with liposuction. However, you should realize that you would gain at most about one cup size.

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