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4 years ago

Am I a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?


I am 20 years old and want a nose job. I love how it looks from the front, however from the side, it has a small bump. I am very concerned about the front maintaining it’s shape, and just changing how it looks from the side. Am I a good candidate, and will it remain natural? I’ve included pics from the side and front.

Can you recommend a few surgeons in Chicago area?

Procedure: Rhinoplasty
Location: Chicago, IL

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Karol Gutowski
ASPS Surgeon

Thanks for asking about rhinoplasty.

Based on your pictures, you would be a good candidate but an in person evaluation is best. Your nose can be improved by reducing the hump and decreasing the projection.

Please feel free to see us for a consultation.

Dr Gutowski

Richard Greco
ASPS Surgeon

Great question. You are an attractive young lady and One can see the slight hump deformity on the dorsum of your nose. The best thing to do is to visit one on multiple board certified plastic surgeons. They will do an evaluation of your nose, take photos, use software to give you an idea what it might look like.

Look at many before and after photos of their work to make sure that you like his artistic results.

Your operation could be performed with a closed technique - no external visible scars.

Norman Bakshandeh
ASPS Surgeon

You are a great candidate for the rhinoplasty. I would do an open rhinoplasty with tip reshaping and straightening out your small dorsal deformity

McKay McKinnon
ASPS Surgeon

Ms. Gagliano,

You do have a pleasing front nasal appearance. The profile views reveal a prominent dorsum that includes the supra tip region. I think it is certainly possible to produce a harmonious profile and still maintain the front view essentials. This rhinoplasty would likely involve narrowing the nasal bones to preserve the look you like. A lengthy consultation should allow you to understand more fully what is involved.

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Siena. The most important thing in a nose job for me is that it has to look natural. To get rid of a small bump is not a difficult surgery. Good luck.

28 year experience


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