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I would like to get This procedure done but I do not desire implants. I want a natural lift , Is That possible? And will This surgery cause Loss in nipple sensation?

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Lancaster, CA

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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It is fine to get a breast lift without implants. Breast lifting reshapes the breast, repositions the nipple, and brings the whole breast mound up higher on your chest again. Sometimes implants are added to give more cleavage, but are not necessary. The trade-off with breast lifting is the scars, which usually end up around the edge of the areola, from the 6:00 position of the areola down to the fold, and sometimes also in the lower fold of the breast. The amount of scarring required depends on the shape of your breasts. Consult with an ASPS member board-certified plastic surgeon in your area (use our Find-A-Surgeon tool) to find out your options.

J. Gerald Minniti
ASPS Surgeon

Breast implants are not necessary to get the benefits of a breast lift in reshaping your breast. Implants can be used in this situation to make your breasts larger, give them more projection, and increase upper pole fullness. However, fat is an alternative to implants, and can be used to enlarge the breast and give upper pole fullness.

Aaron Stone
ASPS Surgeon

Any breast surgery can result in loss of sensation it depends on the anatomical layout of the nerves and the specific surgery performed. Breast lifts alone however rarely if ever cause loss of sensation. Implants and lifting are 2 separate operations with different end goals that may or may not be performed together. The best way to think about it is that lifting changes the nipple position relative to the chest and breast mound itself while implants increase the size of the breast mound and fill the upper half of the breast. Lifting alone in general will not fill the upper half of the breast mound. Fat grafting to some degree can take the place of implants but is limited by how much fat can be introduced at a time. If done badly fat grafting can be disastrous. Without photos or a face to face examination it is impossible to say what your best option(s) is/are.

Samir Shureih
ASPS Surgeon

Any surgery on the breast have the potential for loss of sensation, interference with mammogram, and interference.

Whether there is a procedure that will meet your goals without implants would depend on the physical examination with lactation.

Whether any procedure would meet your expectations and satisfaction would depend on a complete history and physical examination .

Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can then give you a meaningful advise.

Edward Domanskis

Yes, you could get some enlargement with removal of fat from part of your body where you have it then injecting it into your breasts. Unfortunately, you would gain about one cup size at most. You can send photos of your breasts and areas that you have fat for estimate.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. A lift alone is possible and may cause some temporary sensation changes. The lift is a tradeoff in scars for an improved shape and position of your natural breast tissue and nipple/areolar complex. If implants are not of interest, you can also add some fat to the breasts to improve size and shape.

Norman Bakshandeh
ASPS Surgeon

The possibility of sensory loss of the nipples is very very uncommon. The only natural way of adding volume to breasts is with fat grafting. This works well for adding volume, not as well for a lift. The breast lift can be performed with different techniques such as a peri areolar lift that limits the scar to only around the areola. The amount of lift achieved is less but the scars are less as well. You should be seen and evaluated

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Jacy. You may have your Breast Lift perform with of without implants.

Without a physical or a online evaluation is difficult to give you the technical options for the procedure, so the answer about the nipple sensation will not be accurate. When incisions are perform in the breast in the periareolar area, sensation will change.

The incisions do cut the nerves so loss of sensation is expected during the first months of recover. Sometimes is recover completely, more or less, and sometimes the sensation is different as before the surgery. But you should know that when looking at your lifted breast will increase not only selfstem, but also will arouse your sexual levels.


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