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4 years ago

How young is too young

Im actually 14 and i love myself and stuff but i just have a question, can i get surgery for my age? my nose is very developed already that i doubt its going to grow more. i just want to confirm if 14 is an “ok” age to be able to have the surgery.

Procedure: Rhinoplasty
Location: Orlando, FL

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Suzanne Trott
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for your question!

Usually rhinoplasties are done at age 16, but 14 is not too young if you really want to have it done. You should be able to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who will do that for you.

Mario Carranza-Garcia
ASPS Int. Surgeon

as long as you have two years since the first mentruation the growing of the nose stop


Daniel Allan

The facial features of girls mature earlier than boys', so fourteen is not too young, However, one of your parents will have to sign the consent and should be present for the consultation.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Assuming your nose size/shape has been stable you could pursue surgery with parental consent. Hope this helps.

Lorelei Grunwaldt
ASPS Surgeon


14 is not too young for a rhinoplasty. If your nose is essentially done growing and has not changed in a year, it should be fine to proceed. You would have to have a parent sign consent for the surgery.

Richard Greco
ASPS Surgeon
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What is the appropriate age for a Rhinoplasty? Great question

Generally cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of a normal structure occurs when the area is fully developed and when the patient is emotionally prepared. As an example, we correct Ears that stick out when individuals are getting ready to go to 1 st grade because the ears are fully developed and the child is being teased.

Rhinoplasties are performed usually after the facial features are fully developed - 13 to 15 years old.

Norman Bakshandeh
ASPS Surgeon

You are actually in the age range where many have their corrective nasal surgery. If you have parental consent then the procedure can be performed

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Katelin. At 14 the bone formation of the nose is complete, so you may go on with your parents authorization or wait a little bit more. If your nose is not a problem for you and you love yourself as you are you do not need to have a Rhinoplasty, but if you consider that your self esteem will benefit from the procedure you may undergo your nose job.


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