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Ann Bennett
2 years ago

Ann Bennett

How much is a lower facelift?

Procedure: Facelift

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Mario Carranza-Garcia
ASPS Int. Surgeon

3,000 us dollars including the surgeon ,the operating room and the anesthesia.but you would have to come to monterrey ,mexico and that would be another cost with the expenses off the traveling

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon

The fee for a lower facelift will vary from surgeon to surgeon and in different parts of the country. That could mean as little as $8000 up to $50,000 for some surgeons. Best of luck

Suzanne Trott
ASPS Surgeon

In cities like Los Angeles and New York, it is more expensive. The average here in LA is probably around $15–$20K and some surgeons charge much more. That being said, the rent and expenses to practice in major cities is much higher. Also, all “lower facelifts” are really just regular facelifts. A facelift doesn’t include the brow. So there really are no “upper facelifts.” Even “necklifts” are just regular facelifts. It’s just that nobody likes to use the word “facelift” anymore because it sounds so severe.

Gary Culbertson
ASPS Surgeon
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There are kinds of Faces & Lower Facelifts just like there are all kinds of cars. Some are more expensive than others. Some last longer than others. There are different types of lower facelifts- threadlifts, mini-lifts (LifeStyle Lift), SMASectomy’s, Deep Planes, etc. Each different type procedure can vary significantly in cost. The effects of aging can make a big difference on what could be required to move back the clock. Patients can present with the turkey gobbler, bullfrog or sharpe necks. Each can take a different amount of time to correct so, costs can vary. Consider bring pictures when you were young when you have a cosmetic consult so, your surgeon can see what you used to look like. Be most concerned with what is wrong, correcting those issues & having a great result. Not the cost. Oh, and make sure you get to see the surgeons actual patients before & after photo’s.


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Ultimately cost will depend on the anticipated procedures needed to reach your goals and the amount of time it will take to perform. I would visit a series of surgeons in your area to get the best price range.

Edward Domanskis

I do a minimax face/neck lift under a total local anesthesia. The all inclusive cost is $6900. You could be here as little as 4 days.

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Mauro Tarallo
ASPS Int. Surgeon

A midface lift under local anesthesia with sedation would cost with all facilities in a private hospital and anesthesiologist aroung 7.500 Euro


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