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one year ago

Uneven breast

Hi, I'm 24 and I have pretty uneven breast. I'd say one is a B and the other a C. I apologize if I sound ridiculous, but is it possible to have the fat transferred from 1 breast to another? If that is not possible, could an option be just reducing the larger breast ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time in advance! *I have scoliosis*

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: Miami, FL

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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Many women have one breast which is larger than the other. When the size difference is difficult to camouflage or causes distress, then trying to even them out in some way can be considered. You need to decide which breast size you prefer. If you like the B cup breast, then a small reduction on the bigger breast would work. The tradeoff would be some visible scar on the C cup (now B cup) breast. If you like the larger breast size, then placing a small implant, or possibly fat transfer, into the smaller breast to enlarge it would work. Since you are young, any correction now could change with subsequent pregnancies, breast feeding, or weight fluctuations. You would need to be prepared for possible additional surgery in the future.

Edward Domanskis

That is a very insighful question and the answer is yes to both options. I may not be able to get enough fat frm your larger breast and then would need to get it from someplace else or I could just liposuction fat from your larger breast to equalize. You can send me photo to further get my opinion.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Having uneven breast sizes is not uncommon and treatments exist to achieve improved symmetry. Most likely the best option is to reduce the larger breast size, but it depends on your total goals. This can be determined with an in-person examination and discussion of your goal results and desired overall outcome.

Andrew Rosenthal
ASPS Surgeon

As many of the other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons here have indicated, differences in breast size are very common! This can be a simple size difference or more complicated issues may exist leading to these differences in size and/or shape. Fat grafting is a great tool for helping to treat some of these differences. Asymmetric reduction (one side more than that other) is often a good option as well. SMALL differences can be addressed with different sized implants if you want the breasts larger but I don't favor this approach in most cases. Fat grafting, asymmetric reduction/lift, and implants can all be used together. The most important thing is to find a board certified plastic surgeon who can work through all of these options with you. But significant size differences are NOT to be taken lightly and not (usually) just by a straightforward breast augmentation. The good news is that with the proper diagnosis & tools, most women's concerns can be addressed and fixed.

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Richard Tepper
ASPS Surgeon

Hi. Your suggestion is not ridiculous, as transferring fat has become fairly common. But it would not be from your larger breast. Rather it would be from another area on your body. An exam by a plastic surgeon would help you determine if simply making the smaller side larger will satisfy your needs, or whether something else might be required of the larger side. It's difficult to comment on whether the scoliosis is having a real impact on what's going on. Good luck!


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