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Yuna Mae
4 years ago

Still healing?

Had revision surgery for ptosis a month ago and my left eye still looks uneven and off. Is it because of the swelling? I’m worried and nervous that I would need another revision. This was a second revision.

Procedure: Eyelid Surgery
Location: San Diego, CA

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Daniel Allan

It may be because of swelling. Bear in mind that perfect symmetry is the most goal to achieve.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. At only a month out from surgery it very well may be swelling. I would continue to stay in touch with your surgeon to ensure an uncomplicated recovery.

Steve Laverson
ASPS Surgeon
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Difficult to know without photos, but in general, the result evolves over time as swelling dissipates, as eyelid compliance improves, and as tissues adapt to their new post-surgical relationships. Ptosis procedures are among the most commonly revised for the most beautiful size (palpebral aperture), shape, and symmetry. Follow up with your surgeon, and try to be patient. Swelling may or may not be prolonged after secondary (revision) procedures.


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