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one year ago

Who does the V-Y lip advancement procedure

Hello, I am interested in getting the V-Y lip advancement procedure done but am having a very hard time finding any surgeon who does this procedure. The only two seem to be in Beverly Hills and New York and I live in Austin, Texas. I curious as to why this procedure seems to be so rare, as the results in the pictures look amazing? Any search advice is much appreciated, thanks!

Procedure: Lip Augmentation / Enhancement
Location: Austin, TX

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Suresh Koneru
ASPS Surgeon
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You are correct, the VY lip procedure can yield very nice results. There are several different options for lip procedures and since the advent of fillers, I think many Plastic Surgeons are not trained in the procedure.

Have you seen Plastic Surgeons in your area or are you just speaking to office staff about whether or not the V-Y is done? If the Plastic Surgeon is telling you no, then ask why or what alternatives they would suggest. I would recommend seeking out more experienced Plastic Surgeons (i.e. Older). If you are having difficulty in Austin, and don't mind traveling to San Antonio then give my office a call I have experience with the procedure.

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Barry Citron
ASPS Surgeon

I don’t think that V-Y advancement flap surgery is rare. Part of the core training of all plastic surgeons is cleft lip surgery. The use of V-Y flaps in cleft lip surgery is an essential tool. V-Y flaps for general reconstruction is a commonly used technique. However, fewer patients are looking for surgical treatment for lip augmentation when lip augmentation with fillers can be performed with ease and elegance. I can’t help but agree with Dr. Koneru that plastic surgeons like us are like fine wine and get better with age.....until we don’t.


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