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one year ago

Denver Area - 13 y/o gel implants - both ruptured, one side capsule ruptured as well

My implants were done in CA prior to our move to CO. I’m terrified to endure this procedure. Augmentation pain was truly excruciating - great surgeon, modern tech, no drains needed. I’m now 53 & May do a lift but not replacing with new implants. PLEASE advise ways to deeply vet a surgeon for the extraction & cleanup now required? We have 4 kids who need their mom.

Procedure: Breast Implant Removal
Location: Castle Pines, CO

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Barry Citron
ASPS Surgeon

Choose a board certified plastic surgeon. Meet with the surgeon and discuss your problem and ask about your options. Bring a friend or a relative with you if you feel that you need help in evaluating whether or not a particular surgeon is a good fit for your needs. It sounds as if you are concerned about surgical risks. To minimize your surgical risk, consider removing the implants first and defer mastopexy until the tissues have settled down rather than extending the surgical procedure with a simultaneous lift. At age 53 it might be prudent for you to have a full evaluation by your primary care physician to make sure you are medically fit and cleared for surgery. Best wishes.

Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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If you have a ruptured capsule, then your problem needs to be cared for as soon as possible, to limit the spread of silicone into your tissues. Performing a capsulectomy and implant material removal is needed. It can usually be combined with a breast lift, with or without replacing the implants. There will be some discomfort, but probably less than the initial procedure. The risk of serious or life-threatening complications is very rare. Use the Find-a-surgeon link on this website to locate an ASPS surgeon near you. My friend, Lisa Hunsicker MD, in Littleton would be well qualified to care for you.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. I would recommend performing online searches of available providers in your area, viewing their before and after images and reviews to get a sense as to who you would like to work with. Once you have a list of possible candidates, then seek out in-person consultations with each. The pain of explant IG and a lift is often far less painful then the augmentation. Hope this helps.


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