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one year ago

Infantile hemangioma involution

Hello, im 17 years old and i was born with a infantile hemangioma on the left side of my upper lip. After it involuted it left stretch skin over the area and it affected the left side of my vermillion border (its out of place and barely can see it). I wanted to ask you guys who are professionals, if yall can explain to me how does this cosmetic surgery go to improve my look. Thank you

Procedure: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: West hazleton, PA

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Barry Citron
ASPS Surgeon

Hi Miguel. Your photo and story raise important concerns. Only by meeting with you and examining you could this be evaluated properly. Is redundant skin the primary issue? Is there atrophy or loss of muscle mass of the orbicularis oris, the muscle if the lip? Did the hemangioma adversely affect the development of the lip muscle? Only by determining the anatomy of the deformity can the appropriate surgical plan be formulated. A static photo is useful, but a dynamic examination and observation of your speaking, smiling, pouting and pursing your lips is a necessary to begin your evaluation. Best wishes.

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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You certainly have some asymmetry in your upper lip. Removing some of the left upper lip skin to raise the vermilion on that side will leave a scar at the edge of your lip line, so there are tradeoffs to trying to improve your situation. Use our Find-a-surgeon tool to locate an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon near you. You will need to be examined and offered options for treatment. Since this is a congenital problem, your health insurance should cover the surgery.

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