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4 years ago

Hysterectomy needed Lipo desired

DFW Resident , I suffer from dysfunctional uterine bleeding due to polyps, tennis ball-sized fibroids inside my uterine cavity I am told I am a great candidate for hysterectomy I am 40 yr old a non-smoker & BMI is a 26 I am finished having children and would love to have my love handles in my tummy tightened so I'm probably looking for a liposuction procedure but I am needing a doctor will do both

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: Arlington, TX

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Samir Shureih

Hysterectomy is done by a gynecologist.

Liposuction is best done by a plastic Surgeon.

So you need both specialties.

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Gregory Buford
ASPS Surgeon

Agree 100% with the previous post. While it would obviously be more convenience to have 1 surgeon, you also need a surgeon for each procedure that is trained and focused on that procedure to help you accomplish the most optimal result.

Katerina Gallus
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. A hysterectomy should be done by a board-certified OB/GYN and may be done laparoscopically if you are a candidate. Liposuction should be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon and you certainly should consult with one to assess if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck vs liposuction only. Although you need two surgeons this care can often be coordinated and you may be able to have them done at the same time. Best of luck!

Edward Domanskis

I do combination surgeries with other doctors quite frequently. We would refer you to a gynecologist and then at same operation do the liposuction and he/she would do the hysterectomy.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. The best option is to discuss both options with your gynecologist to see if they work with anyone in particular to combine procedures, or vice versa.


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