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Candice jade
one year ago

Saggy tummy and bellybutton

I had my first child a little over a year ago she was 10 pounds 9 ounces so I had to stretch a lot now my belly button sags and so does the lower of my stomach I've tried exercise and dieting nothing helps I'm looking to see what treatment would best work for me

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: West liberty, KY

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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Your photo shows the often typical effects after a pregnancy: Loose skin, stretch marks, protrusion of the lower abdomen, a "frowning" bellybutton. It is important prior to considering any surgery to be in the best of health. You need to get your weight where you want it. You need to exercise your abdominal "core" muscles so they are as strong as possible. Most importantly, you need to be sure you are not going to have any more children (since a pregnancy after a tummy tuck will damage your result). A tummy tuck can remove the excess skin and a lot of the stretch marks. It can repair the underlying abdominal wall. Judicious liposuction can improve the contours further. The trade-off is a long lower abdominal scar (within your panty line) and a circular scar around your bellybutton. The recuperation from the surgery takes about 4 weeks. This is a big surgery with real risks, so you need to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for more information.

John Newton
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hi Candice Your tummy shows all the signs of being a mum. The skin is stretched. There is an overhang of skin. Your tummy is "full", indicating that the muscles have been stretched. And you are carrying a bit of weight. A full abdominoplasty with repair of your muscles is the best option for you. It is a major operation, but a common one. I would seriously encourage you to reduce your weight before operation if you can though. I know doing this can be challenging with a one year old to look after, but it will make your operation safer and you will get a better result. If diet and exercise do not work for you, then it may be appropriate to consider a weight -loss operation like a "gastric sleeve operation" first. Best wishes, Dr. John Newton

Daniel Hatef
ASPS Surgeon

Hi Candice Jade, thank you for your question. Based on your story and your photograph, you have the typical effects of pregnancy. Obviously I couldn't make a recommendation concerning surgery without examining you first, but I think that you would probably benefit from lipoabdominoplasty. This operation is where we would do a full tummy tuck and remove all of that excess skin, repair the underlying abdominal wall, and do some liposuction to shape out and contour your waist. However, if this is your first child, I would recommend waiting until you are done having children before you undertake this kind of life changing operation. You also need to make sure that you are in the best health possible, and that your abdominal muscles are in good shape. Don't let anyone talk you into just doing liposuction or some noninvasive device! Waste of money for your situation! Make sure you consult with at least one board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!!

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph! It appears that a formal tummy tuck would be the best treatment. he tummy tuck will tighten your stomach muscles, helping to achieve a flatter appearance, while removing excess skin and adipose tissue.  Liposuction can be used to enhance your tummy tuck results by narrowing your waist and removing isolated areas of diet and exercise resistant fat.  I would favor the full approach because it appears that your diastasis and skin/muscle laxity is significant, and once repaired you will have significant skin excess. Hope that this helps


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