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one year ago

Scar revision

I'm inquiring as to the gen'l cost to get my son's scars less noticeable. He's age 16. Had stiches on the 3 middle fingers of left hand + a small one on the hand Each finger scar is approx 1" long, below the knuckle. date of stitches was 12/20/19.

Procedure: General Reconstruction
Location: palm harbor, FL

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Emanuele Cigna
ASPS Int. Surgeon


it is necessary to wait 6 months before thinking about a possible revisio. I suggest to use silicon gel and massage with specific ointments.

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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As Dr. Cigna said, it is too soon to consider scar revision for your son. His scars are red because there is extra blood flow as part of the healing process. That redness will disappear with time, usually 6-12 months after the injury. When the redness is gone, the remaining scars will be a little lighter than his natural skin, but will likely not be very noticeable. Massaging in some silicone gel cream once or twice daily can speed the process of scar maturation. If your son is self-conscious about the scars, covering them with a little foundation makeup can camouflage the redness until it disappears.

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Daniel Allan

This represents normal wound healing for this location. You can expect improvement with time. My advice is to do nothing.

Andrew Rosenthal
ASPS Surgeon

This is fairly normal healing at this point. The younger you are the longer it takes for scars to mature! I would suggest using silicone sheeting or gel at this point. I also like using emu oil on these scars are massaging it in a few times a day. Laser could eventually be used if necessary, but probably won't be. Expect these to get better over the course of a year or so.

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