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4 years ago

How much would these plastic surgeries cost?

I am absolutely tired of going out in public. I am tired of having people stare at me as I walk past them or having people laugh directly at me. I am very aware at this point that I’m hideous. I just want to know how much it would cost me to get a full cosmetic facial reconstruction. I specifically want to get a nose job, eyebrow lift, lip lift, and fillers around my cheeks.

Procedure: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: Laurel, MD

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Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Hi Gigaeevee. It’s difficult to say what the cost would be without an exam in person. It really depends upon the complexity of the rhinoplasty, what type of Brow lift you need, and how much filler, etc. is used. Best to have a virtual consult or be seen in person when we can open the office again. Best of luck!

Frank Agullo
ASPS Surgeon
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Facial procedures vary considerably between patients. When undergoing a surgical procedure we can use your own fat to fill the face instead of spending additional money on temporary fillers. A facelift procedure with fat transfer and rhinoplasty can cost around $16,000.


Samir Shureih

First you need to erase the term UN-attractive. Every person has their own beauty.

Depending on your age, you may start by consulting a plastic surgeon and discuss specifically what is bothering you. Then you can make an intelligent decision.


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