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Ramy Eweis
4 years ago

I am looking for the best solution for my case to have symmetrical shape

I had a gynecomastia in both breasts and I had a traditional liposuction. 3 months postoperative, I noticed that my left chest muscle don't grow up with workout. The ultrasound showed that I have pectoralis hypoplasia poland syndrome in left chest, so I wonder if doctor went deep and damaged part of muscle and i want to make fat graft to correct left chest. Can it be done without muscle!

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: Bronx, NY

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Mark Albert
ASPS Surgeon
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It is unlikely that this was caused by surgery but it is not possible to tell without seeing you in person. Fat grafting is a good solution for this and it could be done awake under local anesthesia. I wish you the best.

Mark Albert, M.D.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you or sharing your question. It is unlikely that surgery caused the muscle hypoplasia, you were born this way, but the liposuction and glandular removal led to the differences being more apparent. Fat grafting may be an option or a custom made prosthesis may also be considered.

Sara Dickie
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you for your question and including a series of photos that show you in several positions as well as pre-operatively. From the photos it appears the issue is more related to a crease in the skin that is tethered to the muscle below it rather than a lack of muscle per se. This can happen after liposuction as a result of taking too much fat from one place or having garments that are too tight afterwards. Your anterior axillary folds are well defined, indicating that you have a good amount of pectoralis muscle on that side. It might be smaller than the other side, but it does not appear to be the primary problem. Fat grafting can improve this problem. You will never have perfect symmetry, but if the crease is corrected there will be better balance between the sides. I recommend a face to face physical exam with a board certified plastic surgeon. If you have access to the images from the ultrasound, bring those with you.


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