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4 years ago

Mole removal

I am a 30 year old asian female. I had a raised mole that is on the right side of my top lip. It's right on the border so it's half on my lip and half on my skin. I had it shaved off 6 years ago and biopsy also and it came back negative. The mole has slowly been growing back since so I need to try and get rid of it again. Should I do laser or surgical removal so that it doesn't come back again?

Procedure: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: morganton, NC

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Nicolas Villanustre
ASPS Surgeon

Hi, good question

Laser or shaving will never definitely treat this problem

Surgical excision with meticulous closure will provide you with the best cosmetic outcome

Thanks for the question

Good luck!

Daniel Allan

It should be completely excised. You will have a small scar that will cross the lip border. Even though the pathology was negative six years ago, it should be submitted for pathology. Lesions can change their nature over time.

Robert Buchanan

The best way to treat this so it does not recur, because of your history, is by excision by someone familiar with this area using very careful closure to realign the lip border. There are a number of plastic surgeons within 50 miles of you that you can find on this site.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph. Based on your picture some form of surgical excision or destruction of the lesion would be the best long-term decision.

Sara Dickie
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you for your question to this very common problem! This mole should be surgically excised (not shaved) to fully remove it. Meticulous closure by an experienced plastic surgeon will provide the best scar. Even with the best scar, it may still be noticeable. There are several lasers that have excellent outcomes when treating scars. So you may end up needing a laser treatment of this area following the excision. Best of luck to you and be well.


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