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one year ago

I think one of my implants may have ruptured?

For the past few weeks I've noticed my left is slightly bigger than my right, and I recently noticed that my right side is a bit smaller than I thought and having a slight amount of pain

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: San Diego, CA

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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Your photo shows asymmetry of the implants and the size difference. If you have saline implants, you could have have a failure on the right, with the saline leaking into your tissues and "deflating" the implant. When silicone implants break, there is no absorption of the silicone, so the breasts usually stay the same size, but there can be some shape change. Implants do have a "warranty" and the manufacturer will provide a new free implant. If your implants were placed not too long ago, they will often assist you with OR expenses. You should return to your plastic surgeon for an evaluation. If you need a new surgeon, use our Find-a-Surgeon tool on this website to locate a board-certified ASPS member surgeon near you.

Farid Mozaffari
ASPS Surgeon

I can see the size difference you are referring to in the picture, and it also looks like your left implant has dropped down below the natural boundary (IMF) of your breast. There are multiple reasons that could cause size of implants/breasts to change early or late after breast augmentation, and it's something that you do want to have looked into relatively soon, but it is not an emergency either. See your original surgeon that did the augmentation or another board certified plastic surgeon to fully evaluate you.

Daniel Allan

The gold standard for evaluation of a possibly ruptured silicon-filled breast implant is is a breast MRI.

Jon Sattler

Hi Jenna,

Your breasts are not similar. There are several reasons for that to occur. The type of implant you have would be important . If they are saline , the possibility of the right breast implant leaking could cause the difference in appearance. That is a relatively easy fix . You would have to be seen. I am in Glendora, California. We can do a free consult for you using zoom.

Please call my office manager Judy. At (626) 852-0599 to schedule an appointment.

Jon Sattler, MD

Christine Petti
ASPS Surgeon

Yes, I think your are correct in your assessment - that there is quite a bit of asymmetry. If you have saline implants, then the rupture is apparent on exam daily quickly in hours to days. If these are silicone implants - it is difficult to know if there is rupture and the gel stays in the pocket, so you may just have some severe asymmetry associated with some degree of capsular contractors. If the implants are silicone gel, you can have an MRI to check for rupture, but it is not 100%. Nonetheless, you do have quite a bit of asymmetry and may benefit at some time in the future considering a revision. The folds of the breasts are at different levels and the right implant is off to the side. Revisional surgery could be done to support the implants and correct the asymmetry as well as addressing the rupture, if rupture does exists.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Based on your supplied images two scenarios could be taking place. If your implants are saline I agree that you may have suffered a rupture on the right side, leading to the volume and size discrepancy. Additionally it appears that your left implant has bottomed out and fallen low on your chest, leading to an elevated nipple, and bottom heavy, appearance. Talk to your surgeon and with an in-person examination this can be determined and best recommendations offered.


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