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4 years ago

Blood clot

Hi there! Wanted to know if I had a blood clot but no longer have it but still on blood thinners can I get a tummy tuck I would definitely get clearance from my doctor thanks

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: Bristol, CT

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Mark Albert
ASPS Surgeon
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Hello, assuming you are on Coumadin or a comparable medication, I would not advise proceeding with this particular procedure until you finish the medication. I would suggest speaking about this further with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Mark G. Albert, M.D.


Gary Culbertson
ASPS Surgeon
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Consider going to the doctor(s) that gave you the medicine for your DVT/ PE. They can do what is called a HyperCoaguability work up, make recommendations regarding Aethetic surgery & provide prei-operative clerance. This will assit your plastic surgeon in managing your case for a TT. Just so you know the HyperCoaguability work up is normally done with the patient off all blood thinners. Talk with your doctors before you stop any medications. Best,

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Farid Mozaffari
ASPS Surgeon

Hello. You can have a tummy tuck safely as long as you can go off of your blood thinner several days before and after the surgery (exactly how many days depends on what medication you are taking) and your doctor that is managing your blood thinner gives you clearance to have this surgery done. Your risk of having a hematoma is slightly increased, but typically not to the point that would prevent you from having this surgery. Make sure that you see a board certified plastic surgeon for your surgery.

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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You should complete your course of blood thinners which is often for 3-6 months. Once off the blood thinners you would need to get Ned clearance. It would also be important to know what the cause of your clot was. Best of luck. It might be possible and you likely would have to go on some form of chemoprophylaxis(blood thinner) after surgery temporarily. Best of luck.

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello. If you have a history of blood clot you may develop another one in any surgery, with a very high probability .

A blood clot may endanger your life, as you should know

So my recommendation is to keep your chances for emergency or most needed surgery, not elective ones as a plastic procedure.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Without information as to the reason for your blood clot, nor anticipated future treatments it is difficult to offer definite advice. Talk to your doctor managing your blood clot for the best advice.

Edward Domanskis

Yes, with proper clearance and precautions during and after surgery and levanox for several days after. II do this as an outpatient in my offices in Newport Beach or Miami. You can expect swelling for a long time until you see the final result. You do not need to lose weight for this. My offices are open and am doing elective surgery. You could set up a complimentary Zoom/Whatsup/Facetime or Skype consultation by contact

Dr. Ed Domanskis

President-American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons


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