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Ashley Thomas
3 years ago

Is a BBL or Buttock Implants a better choice for me?

I am a post bariatric WLS patient with loss of volume in my buttock and laxity in my skin. I want to avoid a butt lift due to the large scar. I am curious if a BBL would give me desired results or if I have to go the route of buttock implants to be able to achieve the desired fullness. I am hoping by increasing the volume of the buttock it will fill in what is missing and be lifted and fuller.

Procedure: Buttock Implants
Location: Orlando, FL

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Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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In my vast experience nice with weight loss patients, a body lift is the first step. Fat injection or implants will not lift your buttocks they add volume

Nelson Castillo

Thank your or sharing your question and photograph. It appears that your skin has bounced back well but the best recommendation on a lift versus BBL can only be recommended with a full series of images and a discussion of your goals. You do look to be a good BBL and 360 lipo candidate but it will depend on skin appearance and elasticity


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