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3 years ago

2 Year Old Lip Fillers Won’t Go Away

I got lip filler in the fall of 2018, I had been getting them that whole year but my last fill was that fall and I haven’t had any fillers since then. My lips are still huge and haven’t changed in size at all. I really miss my natural lips and am wondering if they will ever go back to their original size or are they just going to stay huge like this forever?

Procedure: Lip Augmentation/Enhancement
Location: azle, TX

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Farid Mozaffari
ASPS Surgeon

That really depends on what filler was used. Most of the time, HA based fillers (Juvederm, Restylane ) last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. In some individuals, they last a bit shorter or longer. Some other fillers such as Sculptra can last 2 years, but usually that is not a first choice for lip augmentation. If you had an HA based filler and want it gone, you can have Hyaluronidase injected to dissolve the filler. I have seen several unlucky individuals who have had silicone injected directly into their lips (by non-licensed practitioners) and there is no way to get rid of that unless it is directly cut out , and that is not an easy task.

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Robin Sykes
ASPS Surgeon

Most hyaluronic acid fillers last around one year; however if you have been having a lot of filler placed within a short period of time it may take longer for it to go away. I think there also may be a long-term swelling situation in some people. This can depend a lot on what you have had injected. I think some fillers and last longer cause more swelling than others. Juvederm Volluma is said to last 2 years.

If it was Bellafil, or silicone, it could be permanent. If it was hyaluronic acid, there is an injectable remedy which can help to remove the hyaluronic acid. I would suggest that you have this done by a qualified plastic surgeon, who can also help you to research what you have had injected.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. In most cases hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are used in the lips and these are dissolvable with injection of hyaluronidase. I would seek out a second opinion, or return to your injector, to discuss treatment options.

Katerina Gallus
ASPS Surgeon
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Hi Reagan, thank you for your question. It depends on the tip of filler used, but that being said, I have seen some patients with residual filler after 2 years - despite sticking with HA-based fillers. That is usually a good thing, but if you want to return to your natural lips I would consult with an experienced injector who could discuss options such as reversing the residual filler with hyaluronidase. Best of luck!


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