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3 years ago

Fat transfer

Can I get bigger hips with fat transfer without getting a butt augmentation?

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: Baltimore, MD

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Farid Mozaffari
ASPS Surgeon

Yes you can. Fat transfer can be done in hips only without putting any fat in buttocks.

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Samir Shureih

Fat Transfer to the hip area , in the hip dip area. No need to transfer fat to the buttocks at the same time. provided you have enough fat to liposuction, clean and transfer to both hips.

Praful Ramineni
ASPS Surgeon

You can absolutely have isolated fat transfer to the hips. If you don’t have enough fat to process and transfer, hip implants are another option.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Yes, any elective procedure can be customized to the individuals chief area of concern and as such the hip dips can be filled without needing to add to the buttocks. Hope this helps.

Michelle Copeland
ASPS Surgeon
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Buttock augmentation with your own fat allows you to get a natural, more pleasing shape and contour to the backside by augmenting curves, correcting an imbalance or increasing size and prominence of the buttock. You also get the benefit of reducing another area of your body while you enhance your butt and all without implants, which can be painful. The technique is called autologous fat transfers and autologous simply means "your own." And who doesn't have a little fat to spare? It's safe because it came from you, so you can't have a reaction to it. The procedure is quick and not particularly painful and can be performed without the need for general anesthesia.


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