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3 years ago

Do i need chin surgery or browlift?

Do i really need a chin surgery?or is browlift better for me to be better looking?and if i do need chin sugery what is the best for me a genioplasty or chinimplant?i think i have also a long chin,can it be shortned?

Procedure: Chin Surgery
Location: New york, NY

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Douglas Monasebian
ASPS Surgeon
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Good day and thank you for your questions. Dr. Monasebian, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will answer your questions. He is also trained in Maxillofacial surgery and has worked over 30 years in treating the face. Dr. Monasebian would have to see you and examine you to look at your face. There are many options available with respect to your chin and eyebrows. They all interrelate and he will discuss all the options with you. Surgical and non surgical options are available. He does perform genioplasty to alter the size of the chin. We would be happy to see you since you are in the New York City area. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Regards, Dr. Monasebian and Park Avenue Plastic Surgery.

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Based solely on the photos, it looks like you might benefit from a chin implant and possibly a rhinoplasty. A consultation in person would be essential. For the brow, it is difficult to say from the photos. Botox May be an alternative if you want some lateral brow elevation. I hope to see you soon! Good luck.

Randall Feingold
ASPS Surgeon
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Best outcome would be: rhinoplasty, chin implant, infraorbital fat grafting and jawline liposuction.

McKay McKinnon
ASPS Surgeon

Una 35, you have not indicated what it is that disturbs you about your looks besides that your chin may be "too long". Precise dissatisfaction of the patient is the best starting point for a productive aesthetic discussion. If you are asking a general question about what is not harmonious concerning your face, I would say that your nose is somewhat large in the dorsum (although it is straight), and that your chin is too recessed. A reduction rhinoplasty and a n advancement genioplasty would offer the best improvement for these issues. The shape of your brows and orbits are those common to Eastern Mediterraneans. If you wish to change them, you might consider a brow lift and/or a lateral canthopexy. These procedures and their risks and benefits deserve a lengthy in person discussion. Your surgeon should have wide experience in all of them. Good luck.

M. McKinnon, M.D.

Robert Tornambe
ASPS Surgeon

I appreciate your concerns, however your photos demonstrate that placement of a chin implant combined with cosmetic rhinoplasty may be an excellent option for you. It does not appear that you need a brow lift. However a full evaluation is best achieved during an in person consultation. I would be happy to see you anytime for a complimentary consultation. Best of luck!

Romulo Guerrero
ASPS Int. Surgeon

There are some aesthetic and functional problems that are related:

The mandibular ramus is small, (that is why the mandibular angle is not seen)

The chin is retruded

The middle part of the face is also towards the back.

When there is a problem of retrusion of the Middle Third of the Cra and the Lower Third of the face, the depressor muscles predominate and the face always has an expression of tiredness or sadness. You may have Sleep Apnea, which must be corrected to avoid a respiratory and heart problem in the future

The solution to achieve an aesthetic and functional result is:

-An advance of the midface (Advance the maxilla forward)

-Elongation of the mandibular ramus

-Advancement of the chin or genioplasty, the implant is not recommended because it would not alter the angle of the neck, which if the genioplasty does by tightening the anterior muscles of the neck

- Rhinoplasty


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