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one year ago

What would you recommend to fix asymmetrical lips resulting from previous injury? (photos)

Hi, I have asymmetrical lips resulting from a dog attack when I was a child. My bottom lip had to be sewn back on on one side. Is there any procedure that can fix this? I'm open to anything cost-wise, but would obviously prefer a cheaper option given similar results.

Procedure: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: Detroit, MI

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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It is difficult to know exactly what might work best for you without an examination in person, but options might be: the addition of filler or fat to the smaller side lip to make it as plump as the other side, surgical reduction of the larger side (depending on which side you like best), or if the lip is symmetrically full and doesn't need plumping you could consider tattooing the left side to create a more symmetric lip line. I would consult with a local ASPS plastic surgeon to determine your best options. Good luck!

Douglas Monasebian
ASPS Surgeon
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Good day and thank you for your questions. Dr. Monasebian, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will answer your questions. He is also trained in Maxillofacial surgery and has worked over 30 years in treating the face and lips. Dr. Monasebian would have to see you and examine you to look at your lips at rest and in motion. Both surgical and non surgical options are available and there is a good chance of improvement. We would be happy to see you if you are in the New York City area. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Regards, Dr. Monasebian and Park Avenue Plastic Surgery.


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