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Tiffany Case
2 months ago

How to find a surgeon for breast augmentation?

I know to look for a board certified surgeon, but what are some other things you look for to find the "best" surgeon?

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
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Jason Lichten
ASPS Surgeon

Meet with them for a consultation to see if you trust what they are telling you. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to your goals and review their before and after gallery for patients who look like you. You should always trust your gut and pick the “best surgeon for you”, rather than relying on the internet to tell you who the “best surgeon” is.

John Newton
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Jason (above) is correct. Ensure you are on the same page and that you feel you can trust your surgeon.

Ensure he is an ASPS or ASPS member.

Be sure he has the ability to do the operation which best suits you. There are variations of the operation, particularly the plane of insertion, and he needs to have the ability to chose and perform the correct procedure for you as an individual.

Hope all goes well. Dr John Newton

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Once you have selected a few surgeons it is best to then meet in-person so that you can have a sense of their results, personality and ability to achieve your goals. Typically the best surgeon for you will then be found. Hope this helps.

Ralph Rosato
ASPS Surgeon

Talk to the nurses in your town. They know who does the best work. Ask your family doctor for a referral. Meet with the Plastic surgeon and his staff.

Do they answer your questions and spend the time with you that you need? Personal referrals are ok but it is just one experience. That is why nurses or other doctors are better resources, they know the entire story.

The worst thing to do is shop for price. If someone is less expensive by a large amount it is usually to attract patients. If your work is good you attract patients without price reduction.

Talmage Raine
ASPS Surgeon

Personal referrals are always good. Look at a lot of before and after pictures.

Meeting the surgeon and a personal connection is important. Look for empathy and that the doctor is hearing you.

Good body image and understanding your situation should be addressed.

In my opinion, diameter of the breast is as important as the volume. It gives you a more natural look.


Laksmi Achyati
ASPS Int. Surgeon

If you feel the chemistry, you feel like they understand what you want, listen to you when you meet them, that is the one. You see their works of art in the albums of patients BA done by them and you like it, then go for it.

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Just choose a surgeon with experience and good cases. You may have a first evaluation by appointment or virtually.


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