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Christina Magee
9 months ago

My personal Mommy makeover requires me to have

I’ll list my procedures; to be done all at once if possible....

Breast Augmentation with DD Thru the next two sizes up bc I’m not sure how big I want them yet; and we have to toss in a Breast Lift in bc it’s 100%. Liposuction of my stomach, sides, and some back fat. Which I would like to fat transfer to my booty. I want 2ccs filler in my lips also and I want Tana Mongeus lips.0

Procedure: Lip Augmentation / Enhancement
Location: Claremore, OK

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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In our practice, fat transfer to the buttocks is a stand-alone procedure. It requires significant liposuction, and then placement of the fat into the buttocks. Post-operatively, you can't sit for three weeks! You can only stand or lay on your tummy. It's an investment to maximize your result. Any breast surgery requires you to lay on your back or sides for four weeks, no tummy laying. So you see they can't be done together if you want the best result. Also, doing two bigger operations like that carries more risk due to longer anesthesia time, more bodily injury, etc. You're far safer separating those surgeries. You don't mention your height and weight, but having a "healthy" BMI below 30 also makes the surgery safer. Good luck.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph. Based on your narrative I think it wiser to stage your procedures as that amount of work would be too long to maintain safety. You could do the liposuction with fat transfer in one session and the remainder in a second. Hope this helps.


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