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4 months ago

Breast Implants Broken 3 times

I had my first breast augmentation in 2005 at 18 years old with Eurosilicone breast implants 175 cc, left implant broke in 2013. I had a revision the same year and placed Allergan Natrelle 450 cc. Left implant broke again in 2016, revision done with Allergan Natrelle 615 cc. Now, for the third time, left implant is broken. Always placed under muscle, never had injuries. Why is this happening?

Procedure: Breast Implant Revision
Type: Question

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Michael Freedland
ASPS Surgeon
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I have seen implants rupture from a contractor. We’re the various implants hard before they ‘broke.’ If so then a capstone might be necessary or creating a new pocket above the muscle

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Sherif Wasief
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Was rupture of implant confirmed by MRI Before revision surgery? ... and what was the description of exruded implant in the 2 times ?

Wha type of Casulectomy was done every time?

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Jaime Anger
ASPS Int. Surgeon

How do you know that the actual left implant is broken ? MRI?

Do you have the documentation for all the implants?

What Dr. Wasief asked is very important, about the rupture confirmation by image examination before the surgery. For all the three surgeries .

Did the ruptured implants were send to the companies (Eurosilicone and Allergan) for evaluation?

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