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3 months ago

Is Liposuction dangerous with a lower body lift?

Im having a lower body lift with Brazilian butt lift and breast lift/augmentation. My surgeon stated he will not lipo my waist with the lift because it will risk killing the healing skin... however it seems like they usually come hand in hand. Will I get the hourglass waist without lipo? Should I add lipo before or after the surgeries? Are my expectations too high?

Procedure: Body Lift
Location: Montgomery, AL

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Karol Gutowski
ASPS Surgeon
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Based on the information you provided, liposuction of your midsection would be appropriate during the body lift. Consider discussing this again with your surgeon or getting another in-person opinion.

Samir Shureih
ASPS Surgeon

Based on one picture view, and to treat that picture, without the benefit of in-person physical examination.

that needs a standard abdominoplasty. maybe some liposuction and what ever fat I get will have to half that pure fat to inject to the buttock for a buttock enhancement.

The breast is another separate surgery, 6-8 weeks after the first surgery. I do not work against the clock. The picture shows two different breasts shape and size, it may take longer time than I expected and will spend the time to achieve the best possible results.

The cinched waist shown may not be achievable based on the distance from rib cage to the hip bone.

Can achieve the best results and consider the the safety and recovery of all what you want and the trauma of the surgery to all the organs and body parts.

When planning surgery, patient safety is the utmost priority.

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John Newton
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hi Jess

Liposuction to the anterior abdomen in conjunction with a full abdominoplasty or a total body lift does increase the chance of tissue/skin death and wound breakdown. this is a very significant problem if it occurs. Discuss it fully with your surgeon.

If you do have a body lift, and don't have liposuction with it, have the liposuction about 6 months later.

All the best, John

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. Liposuction at times can result in compromised healing as a result of injury to the blood supply feeding the tissues. Depending on where it is - for example the same skin that is elevated as part of a tummy tuck - the risks may be higher than in others. Continue to discuss with your surgeon or seek out second opinions.

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