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3 months ago

Male to Female Breast implants

Looking for a Surgeon who uses consent forms for implant , I am 67 Transgender good medical history that does not require a physic evaluation .

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: Lake Jackson, TX

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Joseph Pober

Dear Pat, Thank you for your inquiry. Every Board certified Plastic Surgeon will always provide an informed consent prior to surgery . A medical clearance is also required for EVERY surgery , to assure that you , the patient, will have optimal results, and to prevent avoidable complications. It is also important for me or the plastic surgeon you choose to fully evaluate you preoperatively to properly plan for the procedure.

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Michael Freedland
ASPS Surgeon
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At my office I take a history from all patients and give an extensive informed consent. All of my surgical procedures are performed at an accredited hosptial or surgical center. We don’t require a formal physical exam, but you will be evaluated by the anesthesia team prior to surgery.

My recommendation to you is to find a plastic surgeon that does a lot of breast augmentation. Many of my transgender patients tell me that they sought me out because of my extensive experience performing breast augmentation (200/yr). Keep this in mind when you are consulting with surgeons.

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