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2 months ago

Nipple Itching

Hello my name is China and I had a breast lift in December 2019. I healed great but my right nipple has been itching every sense non stop. I did go back to the surgeon months after and I've also seen my primary physician, they both told me to use itch relief creme but that has not worked. What could this be? I had no issues before surgery.

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Denver, CO

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Claudio Nestor Saladino
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hi, China, this sympton is use to last a few weeks when present. if it perdures, you can try another type of medication like lyrica. In that case I advise you to contact first a neurologist. sometimes surgery can afect temporarily and ocasionally permanently niple sensation.

David Reid
ASPS Surgeon

China: if your surgeon has determined that everything is healed and mature from your surgery, I think the itching might be best managed by a dermatologist.


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