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2 months ago

Panniculectomy $ tummy tuck

I was just approved for a Panniculectomy, however I want a full tummy tuck as well, I was told this can be dove together? I plan on paying out of pocket for thr tummy tuck? I saved a lot of money, in case I wasn’t approved abs was quoted between 11-13k, how much would I have to pay out of pocket now, since I was approved for the Panniculectomy? Ball park would be nice. Thank you

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: phila, PA

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Michael Freedland
ASPS Surgeon
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That question would have to be answered by the surgeon that is performing your procedure. In addition, you may have deductibles and copays as part of your policy. I have seen some patients where the cost of the procedure is higher when using their insurance plan.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you fir sharing your question. Because anesthesia and facility costs vary by region and facility it will be difficult to offer a range. I would have your surgeons office ask the facility for the estimated charges applicable to you for the panniculectomy for the most accurate information.

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Cedric Hunter
ASPS Surgeon

Facility and anesthesia fees vary from state to state, within regions, and even within the same city. These fees are then combined with the surgeon's fee for your total cost. You should be able to receive estimates of all these fees from the surgeon who submitted for your approval for the panniculectomy. The fee adjustment will depend on the surgeon, the facility, and your insurance plan. Also, some surgeons/facilities will not combine insurance and out of pocket procedures so it will vary depending on your specific situation and location.


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