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2 years ago

Chin implant too low?

I had a silicon chin implant placed that I believe is far too low. I already had a long face and the implant makes it look even longer. In my consult we did not talk about adding vertical dimension. It also makes my chin soft tissue look unnatural. Should I consider a revision? (BSSO done 2006, not my current concern)

Procedure: Chin Surgery
Location: New York, NY

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Daniel Allan

It is difficult to say without seeing conventional photos, but based on the he lateral x-ray, I agree with you. The implant should be placed more superiorly, so that it will increase anterior projection of the chin. Good luck.

Chao-Chuan Wu
ASPS Int. Surgeon

I suggest that you remove your chin implant and fat grafting your chin instead.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

It is impossible to determine anything without seeing your actual pictures and personally examining you. I suggest you see a plastic surgeon close to where you live for a consultation.

Karthik Ramasamy
ASPS Int. Surgeon

The location of the implant looks fine, but does it suit the outcome you wanted is the question. The placement of the implant can vary your chin projection frontwards and downwards, so depending on what you require , whether an implant or other options will be suitable. If your clearly unhappy then visit your surgeon and dscuss the options of re surgery , with removal of implant and fat grafting instead or fillers.


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