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Hi, my name is Yolanda afyer gastric bypass a surgery in 2012 and losing 113 lb and had adominal fat removal , I have gain 30 pounds 😞. IM 167 LB AND 5'1 AND HAVE A STOMACH.IM CONSIDERING TUMMT TUCK AND BBL, and im Diabetic.I have it under control with insulin and metformin.I also been depressed cause of my appearance so im looking for surgeons and recovery houses over seas.Cause its much cheapet

Procedure: Tummy Tuck

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Cristiane Ueno
ASPS Surgeon


Before you considered surgery make sure that your glucose is under control with your HgbA1C less than 7.0. Also even if it is cheaper to go overseas in the end can become very expensive. Patients that go to other countries have one or two follow ups before they are sent back to the US. If you have a complication from your surgery, who is going to take care of you? Who are you going to call? Plus I had patients coming to the ER with significant infections that were acquired when undergoing surgeries in other countries.

Beware that cheap is not always the same as good results and good patient care.

Jonathan Zelken
ASPS Surgeon
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Yolanda, congrats on losing so much weight! That's certainly no small feat! I am sorry it is starting to come back. I think additional behavioral modification and dieting may be necessary to curb the weight gain. Once your weight has plateaued and hopefully returned to a new low, you should address your diabetes. Then and only then it would be safe to proceed with additional surgery. Unfortunately, overseas surgeons are less expensive and more likely to take you on as a patient. We can't stop you, but I think I speak for all of us at the ASPS when I say please choose your surgeon wisely. Aggressive body contouring surgery is prone to breakdown and infection in diabetics, and BBL can lead to death. Hope this helps- and congrats again.


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